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Washing a Coach Purse

The other day, I did what most women (some men too, I’m sure) would gasp in horror at me for doing… I put my Coach diaper bag in the washing machine… *GIANT GASPS FROM EVERYONE!!!!*

I know, I know! I almost cried as I gently placed my Coach diaper bag into a Coach protective bag and lowered it down into the washing machine… but it had to be done.

You see, earlier this year, I bought a Coach diaper bag in anticipation of getting pregnant and as a school bag because the deal was just too good to pass up. But me, being somewhat cheap on my clothes, had also been wearing some jeans from Target, Mossimo I think, and that stupid blue dye rubbed off on EVERYTHING! Let me say, those pants have been washed a hundred bazillion times and the blue still rubs off on my skin, my couch, my clothes, and sadly, my purses.

In getting my diaper bag packed for the hospital in anticipation of the arrival of our daughter, I decided that the blue stain on the white strip across it had to be cleaned. I did EVERYTHING I could to wash it off by hand (super diluted detergent and water, Coach cleaner, etc) but nothing was working so I did a little research and came across someone who put theirs in their washing machine in a delicates bag and it came out looking brand new. I was skeptical but then started thinking, “Who makes a diaper bag so expensive that you can’t wash it? I mean really! Eventually it’s going to get poop, pee, vomit, or something else on it.”

Let me go off on a rabbit trail for a second. First, my Coach bag is the Coach Signature Stripe diaper bag tote in tan and white. It is primarily made of canvas material so it is tough and durable. I would NEVER recommend this on a leather bag. Second, this diaper bag used to retail, when it was new, for $398. I happened to get mine (thanks to a broke college student) with the tags and receipt showing the matching serial number for $110. Even though $110 is expensive for a diaper bag, it is CHEAP for a Coach.

So, I took a Coach linen bag from a previous Coach purse I had bought and put the diaper bag in it. I put the washer on warm/cold on a gentle cycle with minimal soap and it came out look brand spanking new! I let it air dry, hanging on a hanger so it wouldn’t dry in a funky shape, and it looks great! All of the blue dye is gone! It did dry a little wrinkled (it’s pretty humid here in Florida this time of year) but nothing a hand steamer won’t make look brand new. I hope that helps!

Edited: Also, what I’ve found to be super handy is to carry around a Tide To Go Pen so that if you’re out and something happens to your bag, you can at least get the spot removal working for the time being until you can get home to clean it better. I’ve pasted a link to the pens below.

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